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We don’t just repair cars, we give back to the community and help build outdoor playgrounds for all the children in the Langley Community to enjoy.

Langley Fundamental Elementary

When the Kindergarten Playground at Langley Fundamentals Elementary School began to fall apart, the schools parent advisory council got to work. President Jacque Jack and Fundraiser Jenifer Wiens teamed up with Principal Deah Paton, other volunteering parents and school faculty to find a solution to the problem.

Through a variety of fundraising events, the team has raised all the money they need to build a new playground and play area for the little ones. The new structure will provide a safe and fun area for the kindergarten children to play and socialize while they begin to figure out what school life is all about.

The On Line Collision Playground Initiative is thrilled to support this project with a grant of $15,000 to make the playground a reality. Construction is planned for spring of 2018.

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Building Bigger Smiles – On Line Collision

We are very pleased to be able to donate a percentage of the profits from our business, along with the generous support of time and money from our staff, business partners and other community advocates, to help provide safe and fun outdoor playgrounds for all the kids in the Langley community.

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“Thank you so much, On Line Collision!! My kids love playing on this and we had a lot of fun building it for them”- Desiree Leigh

We are so grateful for your help building this playground. It is regularly filled with happy children 💙 -Kat Rina

My grandsons say THANK YOU!😀
Lin Beetlestone
And it looks even better with kids climbing, playing, smiling and laughing! Thanks for your help in making this happen at our school, On Line Collision!
Jana Hikichi

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