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Making Sure Your Autobody Repair Is Done Right

Do you know where to take your car after it has been in an accident? Choosing the right Autobody Repair Shop can be a little overwhelming, especially if it is your first time dealing with vehicle damage. If you want to avoid a botch job that can waste your time and money, here are the [...]


Collision Repair Langley: What Is an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair Shop?

Car accidents are no fun. And dealing with insurance claims is only going to add to the frustration. When it comes to collision repair, you want to go with a business that can make the entire process run smoothly, getting you back on the road faster. If your vehicle has been in an accident or [...]


What You Need to Know When Picking a Trustworthy Collision Repair Shop

What if you could save car repair hassles and headaches with just one choice? With the right auto body shop, you can. When your vehicle has been in an accident, it is important to bring it to a reliable business to return your ride to its original condition. Read on to learn how to pick [...]


5 Things We All Like About the Collision Repair Shop

Oh no! You’ve just been in a car accident. The good news is you’re okay. The bad news is your car isn’t. When you need to get your car back on the road as soon as possible, you’ll want to take it to an auto repair company. But you don’t want to bring yours into [...]


Collision Repairs: How to Protect Your Car from Road Salt

Ahhh, the joys of winter driving. Icy, snowy, and wet conditions in the Lower Mainland can make commuting a serious challenge. When the slippery winter weather arrives, road salt makes an effective ice melter, helping to avoid accidents and collision repairs.  And while it sure can up the safety factor, layers of heavy-duty road salt [...]


Auto Body Langley Services: The Dangers of Driving with A Cracked Windshield

Think that tiny crack in your windshield is no big deal? Think again. Take it from professionals offering years of auto body Langley services, windshield damage is a common occurrence that can happen when you least expect it. While it can seem like a minor inconvenience now, a cracked windshield can quickly turn into a [...]


Auto Body Langley: Top Causes of Winter Car Accidents

‘Tis the season to be jolly—and to be safe on the roads. Collisions can crop up any time of the year, for any number of reasons—from distracted driving and excessive speeding to driver fatigue and tailgating. But during the winter months, navigating the roads can be extra treacherous, creating a host of new problems to [...]