ICBC Claim Centre

You have had an accident and need to make an insurance claim and get your vehicle fixed. Here is some information to help you start your claim (you may not need to go to an ICBC Claim Centre) and getting your vehicle repaired at an accredited ICBC Repair Facility such as On Line Collision.

ICBC is changing to keep up with the times, and now you can report your accident and file your claim online. For most, this should make the process much more efficient.

Before you start your claim you should have all the key information ready, including the licence plate number of each vehicle involved and the driver’s license number of each driver.

If you have had an accident that involves a car from outside of BC, you would need that vehicle’s insurance information, including the insurance company name, policy number, and contact information, the other driver’s name, address, phone number, and driver’s licence number. If you can, many people find it easiest to take a photo of this information to avoid any errors.

Once you report a claim online, you will get your claim number by email and you can then check the status of your claim by login into the ICBC site. Your claim will be reviewed within one day by an ICBC adjuster.

The next step will usually be to get an estimate for how much it will cost to fix your vehicle. ICBC will let you know whether you can get an estimate at an ICBC Claim Centre or an ICBC Accredited c.a.r shop VALET repair facility such as On Line Collision. c.a.r shop VALET facilities can do estimates as well as repairs, which is much more convenient. Their repairs are guaranteed as long as you own your vehicle.

Click here to start your vehicle damage claim online

ICBC will also assess responsibility for any crash. Who is responsible and your insurance coverage can impact how the damage to your vehicle is paid for.

More information on Crash Responsibility and how it is determined:

If you are injured, you may be entitled to have your wages and medical expenses covered. More information from ICBC is available here:

We hope your claim process goes smoothly. If you need an estimate or a repair from an Accredited ICBC Repair Centre, contact On Line Collision at (604) 533-5504. We are located at 21650 Fraser Highway #101.  Email:

ICBC Claim Centres in Langley and nearby:

Langley Claim Centre
6000 Production Way
Langley, BC V3A6L5
Phone: 604-530-7111
Fax: 604-530-7087
Operational Hours: Mon – Tues 7am – 7:30pm /
Wed – Thurs 7am – 5:30pm / Fri 7am – 4:30pm

Other Nearby Claim Centres

Newton (Surrey) Claim Centre
13665 68 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3W0Y6
Phone: 604-597-7600
Fax: 604-597-7601
Operational Hours: Mon – Tues 7am – 7:30pm /
Wed – Thurs 7am – 5:30pm / Fri 7am – 4:30pm

Surrey (Guildford) Claim Centre
10262 – 152A Street
Surrey, BC V3R6T8
Phone: 604-584-3211
Fax: 604-584-0496
Operational Hours: Mon – Tues 7am – 7:30pm /
Wed – Thurs 7am – 5:30pm / Fri 7am – 4:30pm

Centralized Claims Services
# 405 – 10470 152 Street
Surrey, BC V3R0Y4
Phone: 604-587-3419
Fax: 604-592-8819
Operational Hours: Mon to Fri 8:00am –
Call Centre doesn’t book initial claims appts.

Abbotsford Claim Centre
2885 Trethewey St
Abbotsford, BC V2T3R2
Phone: 604-853-7121
Fax: 604-853-2766
Notes: It’s recommended that customers route
themselves via Exit 87, Clearbrook Road
Operational Hours: Mon – Tues 7am – 7:30pm /
Wed – Thurs 7am – 5:30pm / Fri 7am – 4:30pm