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MiltPresident & Founder
Milt & Kim founded On Line Collision in 1990, back when their 2 sons were in elementary school. Now both boys, Daryl and Bryan, are valuable members on the business. When not pursuing one of their many hobbies or activities, Milt and Kim love to spend time with their family, which include 7 awesome grandchildren.
DarylOperations Manager
Daryl has been at On Line Collision since 2004, and along with his wife Tarissa have been co-owners since 2012 with Daryls parents Milt & Kim. When not working on the business, Daryl and Tarissa keep very busy raising their 4 young sons and working on their endless projects at home.

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RollyCustomer Service Manager
Rolly started working with us in 1999, and is a crucial member of On Line Collision. It’s always fun to come in on Monday mornings to discover what unplanned adventure Rolly, his wife and their 2 daughters got into on the weekend. They are often off to the island, the Okanagan or the Cariboo on a moments notice. That is when they are not participating in one of the local swim meets. Never a dull moment in their world.
BryanCollision Repair Technician
Bryan has been a key member of the On Line Collision team since 2003, he is also the social hub of our shop with the most recent news topics or interesting bits of trivia to share with his co-workers. Bryan and his wife keep busy running their 3 children between swimming or music lessons, gymnastics and the current local community events. They also enjoy camping with the family.
BradCollision Repair Technician
Brad has been a vital part of On Line Collision’s world since 2002. When not at work, Brad spends his time helping his parents out on the farm, or with his wife and their 2 children running here, there and everywhere doing all sorts of family activities. Brad and his family are also avid campers.
DennisRefinish Technician
Dennis has worked with On Line Collision since 2003 and is a valued team member, and mentor to our paint department staff. Along with his wife and 2 sons, Dennis finds his way to Mexico or Disneyland a couple of times a year. When not working or vacationing, you can find Dennis pursuing his hobby of painting custom motorcycles. Dennis and his family are also regular campers.
AzimProduction Assistant
Azim has been with On Line Collision since 2005, and we are lucky to have him. He has years of collision industry experience and as a result many related skills to offer. Azim and his wife love to spend their free time with their son, parents, siblings and extended family. That is of course when he is not off hiking the local mountains.
DonCollision Repair Technician
Don has been a valued member at On Line Collision since 2005, and with his years of experience he is a valuable mentor to many of our body shop staff. He spends his time off taking care of the homestead, traveling with his wife, or spending time with their 2 daughters and their grandson. That is of course when they are not off camping themselves.
JoseRefinish Technician
Jose started as an apprentice with On Line Collision back in 2010, and is now a very accomplished tradesman. He loves to learn more about his craft at every opportunity, and when not working hard, Jose loves to spend time with his wife and son, who are all anticipating a new baby very shortly.
BrentApprentice Refinish Technician
Brent has been an important member of On Line Collision since 2012. Brent is an avid music lover and hockey fan, and if he not messing around on the drum kit, he and his wife keep very busy with their two young children. That is when they are not off to relax in Birch Bay.
MichaleProduction Assistant
Michale has been a much loved member at On Line Collision since 2012. He always brings in the best food to work, which makes the rest of us brown baggers very jealous. Michale also has an insatiable passion for continually tweaking out his very cool car. He loves follow hockey and spend time with his long-term girlfriend doing all sorts of activities.
NathanielApprentice Collision Repair Technician
Nathaniel has been with On Line Collision since 2013, he is a talented young man with great future at On Line Collision. When not at work, Nathaniel spends his time with his wife getting settling into their new home. No time for camping, hiking or relaxing with their baby on the way.